Viewfinder | Gloria Chung

Today, The Local East Village begins a new recurring feature highlighting the work of local photographers who are our community contributors.

gloriachung DP

Regular readers of The Local are likely familiar with the photography of Gloria Chung, whose contributions often grace our morning roundup of blogposts known as The Day. Ms. Chung, who’s lived in the East Village for seven years, discusses some of her favorite images and how she found them.

EV street signs

“One reason I like taking pictures in the East Village is that around every turn there is something surprising and new to take in visually.”

EV garden path

“I really love the green spaces in the East Village. Living in big cities can really make one appreciate green spaces, if only to catch a glimpse of them as you’re walking down the street.”

gloriachung ELKAPARK3

“These are images from an ongoing project, ‘Elka Park’, taken in and around a house in the Catskill Mountains.”

gloriachung METRO1

“This image is from ‘Seoul Metro’, another ongoing personal project on the Seoul subway lines.”

gloriachung METRO2

“I tried to wait for moments when most passengers had left the busy stations and trains, to capture images of the extremely busy subway system a little differently.”

gloriachung NOVEMBER2

“Five years ago I bought a Polaroid SX-70 and have been taking pictures on road trips and around the city.”

gloriachung DP

“In March I started a Tumblr blog, Daily Post, to post one picture a day taken with my iPhone. I know many photographers who do something similar and I find that it’s a good exercise for me, forcing me to take at least one photo a day, if with my iPhone.”

Gloria Chung is a community contributor to The Local East Village. You can see more of her photography at

We’d like to feature the work of other local photographers on our site. If you’re interested in contributing to The Local, please join our Flickr Group.