How to Submit Your Photos to The Local

Your participation is at the heart of this venture. The Local East Village Flickr Group values diverse images that represent the color and energy of the East Village. We want to see our neighbors and everything that’s happening in our neighborhood.

How to submit:

Photo Guidelines

  1. Be Descriptive
    • Use your full name. In the caption, include as much information as you can: What’s happening in the photo? Who’s in the photo? Link to the corresponding news item (if any).
  2. Tag your photo — Try to choose general topics that will help other users to find appropriate images. Think “Tompkins Square Park”, “CBGB”, “business”, etc. Learn more about tagging. See all Local East Village Tags »
  3. Title your photo — Titles should be short, descriptive, and interesting. Think “Ice Cream” for a photo of a cone, and “Pepsi Delivery” for a delivery person making a soda drop-off.
  4. Geotag your photos — We want to know where all photos were taken. It is preferable that submitted photos be geotagged. (Flickr has a brief overview of geotagging that is worth checking out)
  5. Add your photos to the Group — Members can add photos to The Local East Village group by clicking Send to Group at the top of each individual photo, OR, to add a group of photos at once, click Batch Organize, grab and drag the photos you wish to share, then click Send to Group.

Please e-mail us at if you have any questions or are having trouble adding your photos.

Group Rules

When you join our Flickr Group, you will be asked to agree to our guidelines.

Please e-mail us at if you have questions.