The Day | Looking for Rainbows

RainbowAdrian Mihai

Good morning, East Village.

After a week of bad news, a rainbow over the East Village on Wednesday evening was a welcome sight. We came close to having another grim report today. According to Gothamist, a bid to abduct a 4-year-old boy on East Sixth Street yesterday was foiled by the child’s nanny. ABC has the story too, with video.

Before the current craze for Tiki cocktails and pu-pu platters, there was Otto’s Shrunken Head on East 14th, serving strong potions with little paper umbrellas since 2002. Then there very nearly wasn’t Otto’s any more as a nasty fire raged through the interior at the weekend. EV Grieve has pictures. Amazingly, there are hopes of re-opening tomorrow night.

Speaking of umbrellas (…ellas), the latest excuse for bright lights and sidewalk obstruction? Rihanna, everyone tweets, is shooting a music video at East Seventh Street and First Avenue. Anyone else see that?