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‘Asian Gastropub’ Replaces Mara’s, and These Owners Are O.K. With Bike Lanes

The Toucan and the Lion has opened in the former home of Mara’s Homemade on East Sixth Street.

Your Voices | A Defense of Bike Lanes

A sampling of reader reactions to posts that have appeared on The Local, including comments about a post in which a restaurant owner partly blamed bike lanes for the closure of her business.

A Business Closes and Cites Bike Lanes

The owner of Mara’s Homemade, who recently announced that the restaurant is closing its doors, cited bike lanes that were installed last summer as part of the reason that the restaurant saw a decline in business.

The Day | Bus Lanes And Bike Lanes

A roundup of blogposts related to the East Village, including posts about new surveillance cameras along the M15 bus route and the continuing debate over bike lanes.

Stringer Cites ‘Chaos’ in Bike Lanes

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer held a news conference today in the East Village where he called for more measures to protect cyclists in bike lanes.

Review Finds New Bike Lanes Are Safer

By one analysis, the redesigned bike lanes in the East Village have resulted in safer conditions for cyclists, motorists and pedestrians.

Businesses: Bike Lanes Slow Deliveries

Some East Village business owners say recently installed bike lanes are adversely affecting their deliveries.

The Day | On Trains and Bikes Lanes

A roundup of news articles and blogposts related to the East Village.

As Workers Blow Whistles, Bikers and Pedestrians Point Fingers

Kelsey Kudak Today, Department of Transportation employees were once again out in full force, scolding cycling scofflaws. Last week, as bike-share stations were installed, we noticed the swarm of yellow-jackets handing out bike-law pamphlets and chatting up cyclists as they waited at red lights. Were these bike-lane babysitters actually a deterrent to “Premium Rush” types? […]

‘Bike Shop’ Sings Cycling’s Praises on the Stage

A review of a one-woman musical dedicated to riding on two wheels.

At Mudspot, Cars Lose Parking Space To Bike Rack

The East Second Street bike lane will likely be linked to First Avenue sometime next year, also.

The Day | Bike Lane Ticketing Expands

A roundup of blogposts related to the East Village.

Cyclists Gather at Bike Lane Protest

About two dozen cyclists gathered in the East Village tonight at a demonstration over new bike lanes on First and Second Avenues.

The Day | A Look at Bikes and Bedbugs

A round-up of selected East Village-related reads.

The Local’s Most Commented Stories of 2011

From bike lanes to bar noise, from school squabbles to Four Loko — these are the stories that got readers of The Local worked up this year.

Mara’s Homemade is Enjoying Life in Suburbia

Mara Levi said bike lanes and a lack of parking contributed to the closure of her East Village restaurant. Now she has a proper parking lot.

A Store’s Fall Blamed on Roku Not Rent

I-V Electronics Corporation at 108 First Avenue is closing its doors tonight but unlike some some recently shuttered business, it doesn’t blame its demise on rising rents, bike lanes, or a difficult landlord.

Interview | State Sen. Daniel Squadron

State Senator Daniel L. Squadron, whose 25th District includes the East Village, the Lower East Side and parts of Brooklyn, discusses his legislative agenda for the news year and range of neighborhood issues including the importance of bike lanes, cracking down on noisy bars, and expanding East Village parks.

A Cue From Tourists On Public Space

In an opinion piece for The Local East Village, Bill Di Paola, executive director of the Time’s Up! Environmental Organization, urges New Yorkers to “take a tip from the tourists who have been enjoying the city’s bike lanes and pedestrian plazas.”

Police to Ticket Scofflaw Cyclists

Deputy Inspector Kenneth Lehr told the Ninth Precinct Community Council Tuesday night that cyclists who violate traffic laws in bike lanes will receive tickets just like motorists.