Your Voices | A Defense of Bike Lanes

Houston and Second AvenueAdrian Fussell

A sampling of reader reactions to posts that have appeared on The Local.

Several commenters weighed in on our post about the closure of Mara’s Homemade, a Cajun style restaurant on East Sixth Street. Many readers took exception to the assertion by the owner of the restaurant, Mara Levi, that – in addition to higher taxes and rents – the restaurant’s bottom line was affected by the installation last summer of bike lanes along First Avenue, which limited available street parking.

Michael wrote:

“Uhm, the neighborhood is exploding with crowded restaurants and bars and Missus blames the bike lanes for her business failure? Lame!”

“East Villager” added:

“This is not the fault of the bike lanes; it’s the fault of people who think they have a ‘right’ to street parking everywhere.”

“Trizzlor” wrote:

“If you’re in the East Village and your business goes DOWN because of bike lanes then you don’t understand your client base.”

Some readers agreed with Ms. Levi about the impact of the lanes.

Sam commented:

“She said the lanes took away a healthy portion of the street parking options near her restaurant, which is true (I live 1 block from there) – which in turn had a negative impact on her business.

The city arbitrarily decides where and when to install bike lanes without consulting with the community that contributes to these neighborhoods – it’s absurd.

And it’s entirely frustrating because most of the time I see other riders, they aren’t even using the lanes.

I hope to see increased ticketing and violations from the PD against irresponsible riders.”

“Anonymous” said:

“I’m glad that someone is writing about the downsides of these lanes.”

Barbara Coverley commented:

“OMG-yes! BIKES are ’sacred’; cars are not. Glad to see a couple of people in opposition to this evil-auto mindset besides me.”

And, finally, Posthoc Erg O’Propterhoc offered a humorous retort to those opposed to the lanes:

“In related (and equally logical) developments…

Transmission of Bubonic Plague Bacterium by 14th-Century Rodent Fleas Linked to Bike Lanes

NYC Bike Lanes Implicated in Japanese Tsunami Damage

Lindbergh Baby Kidnapped; May Have Been Transported via Bike Lane

Rome Falls; Barbarians Seen on Bikes, in a Lane

Abel Slain; Brother Cain Suspected; Bike Lane at Root of Dispute”

Join the conversation: Could bike lanes have such an adverse affect on a business that it might be forced to close?