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Thank You, East Village

A mosaic of 160 people who make the East Village what it is.

Loisaida Through The Lens

The Local interviews Marlis Momber, a photographer who has documented the the evolution of Loisaida for decades.

The Day | With Our Thanks

The Local expresses its gratitude to the students, photographers and East Village residents who have shared their talents with the site.

On St. Marks, The Joys Of Dumplings

James Traub visits The Dumpling Man on St. Marks Place.

On 2nd Ave., A Haven for Libertarians

The Local East Village attends a neighborhood meeting of the Libertarian Party, where members gather to share their fiscally conservative, socially liberal ideology and some spinach pierogis.

An Analysis Of East Village Elections

An analysis of the likely winners and losers in today’s election.

Coffee, Tea and A Nice Merlot

The recession prompted a spate of East Village cafes to apply for a license to serve beer and wine in an attempt to separate themselves from the competition.

Downed Tree Branch Snarls St. Marks

A down tree branch toppled a light post on St. Marks Place this evening closing the street to traffic.

Path to Liquor License Often Bumpy

Liquor License – Local East Village from Elisa Lagos on Vimeo. Liquor licensing is the hot topic in the East Village, with some residents railing against the noise and violence that they say booze brings. But cafe owners looking to put alcohol on their menus to make money said that applying for a license is […]

The Day | Two Invitations

The Local would like to invite our neighbors in the East Village to try our Virtual Assignment Desk and attend a celebration of the neighborhood’s history at NYU Journalism.