Downed Tree Branch Snarls St. Marks

Firefighters clear away debrisMolly O’Toole Firefighters clear debris along St. Marks Place after a downed tree branch toppled a lightpole and struck a car.
Tree and post
The LamppostMolly O’Toole Images of the debris on St. Marks Place. Normal traffic was expected to resume along the street later this evening.

Earlier this evening, a downed tree branch toppled a lamp post on St. Marks Place between Second and Third Avenues closing the street to traffic while emergency workers cleared the debris. No one was injured in the incident.

NYU Journalism’s Molly O’Toole interviewed the driver of a car that was struck by falling debris.

The driver, who declined to be identified, said that he was getting out of his car around 5 p.m. when passersby began gesturing toward him to move.

“People started yelling to get out,” the driver said. “I didn’t want to move but I finally jumped out and that was it.”

The driver told Ms. O’Toole that falling debris dented the roof of his car moments later.

The fallen branch also brought down a lamp post and exposed live electrical wires, the authorities said.

The police closed off the area to allow firefighters with chainsaws and other emergency workers to clear branches and other debris.

Normal traffic along St. Marks was expected to resume this evening.