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Thank You, East Village

A mosaic of 160 people who make the East Village what it is.

Bright New Look for 202 Avenue A, Where Home-Theater Store Opens Next Week

At the former studio of artist M. Henry Jones, there’s no longer a t.v. looping trippy visuals installed in the wall, and the place actually has windows.

Fly’s-Eye Guy Gets Pie in Sky

Congrats to M. Henry Jones: after launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund his trippy brand of 3D portraiture, the artist and animator reached his $11,000 goal yesterday.

The Day | Life Cafe Bench Heads to Jersey

A roundup of today’s news from the neighborhood, including a second life for the Life Cafe bench, a break in a 25-year-old cold case, and rampant fire violations in Stuy Town.

Give $5,000 to This Man, Get a ‘Fly’s Eye 3D Lightbox’ in Return

An artist who had to move from his studio in Avenue A is now soliciting donations through Kickstarter for his latest quirky project.

Audio-Visual Whiz Hopes New Showroom Will Be Bright Spot On Avenue A

After years of toiling in a basement, custom home-theater builder Kerry Bright will open a showroom across the street selling high-end audiovisual equipment.

On Avenue A, a ‘Mad Scientist’ of 3-D Animation Watches His Studio Vanish

Photos: Noah Fecks. On the northern fringes of Avenue A, an intriguing storefront stands out amidst the taverns, slice joints, and coffee shops. Its façade is blank except for a built-in 1950s-style television that for years has played loops of video art, and its front door is usually open into the wee hours of the […]