The Day | Life Cafe Bench Heads to Jersey

Band CampScott Lynch

Life Cafe’s most storied artifact is headed to Jersey. The owner of the shuttered cafe, Kathy Kirkpatrick, writes on her blog that the bench where Jonathan Larson wrote “Rent” is now at Adelphi University. According to Ms. Kirkpatrick, Mr. Larson is an alum of the university in Garden City. “I felt a heaviness in my heart as I watched the boys lift the bench into the truck. It felt like a big part of my life was being taken away,” she wrote.

The Daily Beast tries to get to the bottom of Jennifer Sultan’s finances. Ms. Sultan, who was swept up in the arrests related to the missing guns from the Ninth Precinct, was reported to have made millions of an Internet company in 2000.

The Post reports that Carl Knox has pleaded not guilty to murder, and is claiming he was the victim of a gang assault when he stabbed Corey Capers to death on East Fifth Street last month. DNA Info has more.

The Stuy Town tenants association found fire code violations in nearly every building, the Town & Village blog reports.

The Daily News reports that Edwin Alcaide, an East Village resident, was arrested for the 1986 murder of a teenage girl in Sunset Park.

The 3-D artist M. Henry Jones has a book launch party at Lit on July 25. His Kickstarter campaign is currently at $3,200 with nine days to go.

Luzzo’s bufala pizza is the best thing Zagat ate last night.

And The Daily News has photos of Frankie Munoz, the star of “Malcolm in the Middle,” playing the drums in his new band at Webster Hall.