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Thank You, East Village

A mosaic of 160 people who make the East Village what it is.

Woman Gets Surprise Visit From Intruders

Daniel Maurer An East Village woman got some surprise house guests in the early-morning hours of April 6. Around 1:20 a.m., three young men clambered up a fire escape ladder at 500 East 11th Street and entered the first window they found open — likely in search of valuables like MacBooks and iPads, said Deputy […]

Suspect in Saturday Shooting Arrested in Bedford, Mass.

Ray LeMoine Between Avenues B and C. Just a couple of days after a 52-year-old man, now identified by police as Arnold Cintron, was shot in the stomach in broad daylight Saturday, an arrest was made 200 miles from where the incident occurred on East Third Street. Authorities tracked the alleged gunman, 44-year-old Jose Cintron […]

At the Ninth Precinct, It Looks a Lot Like Christmas

Annie FairmanSteve Torres with family, after winning a bicycle in a “Gangnam Style” danceoff Last Saturday got off to an early start at the Ninth Precinct. At 2:30am, police were called to Beth Israel Hospital after an 18 year-old man entered the emergency room claiming to have been shot in the hand in Campos Plaza. […]

A Robbery Pattern Emerges

While robberies remain lower than expected for this time of year, a pattern has emerged in the last 28-day period. On November 20th, police say a Hispanic male in his late twenties dressed in a baseball cap and dark jacket approached a male victim from behind and put him in a choke hold on East […]

Hope Floats! Watch Cooper Union Students Deliver Well Wishes By Balloon

Watch the video: Cooper Union students staged a “Transparency Parade” outside of the school’s Foundation Building and then floated messages up to twelve occupiers via balloons.

On East 12th Street, Three Gunpoint Robberies in One Month

East 12th Street was the site of an armed robbery for the third time in a month, despite an overall decline in crime in the Ninth Precinct in the last month.

Despite Gunshots and Gas Fights, Crime Down 27% During Storm Week

Crime during the week of superstorm Sandy was down 27 percent compared to the same period last year, the police said. Still, the week was marred by disputes in gas lines, an uptick in burglaries, and – once again – reports of gunshots in Alphabet City.

Ninth Precinct Heroes Honored For Taking Down Killers, Money Boys

It was a welcome break in a week of bad press for the Ninth Precinct: guests filed into Cooper Union’s Great Hall on Tuesday night to honor officers who excelled in the face of danger.

Arrest in Punch-and-Grabs, But Gunpoint Robbers Still at Large

Last Tuesday’s gunpoint robbery wasn’t just an isolated occurrence. The early-morning incident in which three men in bandanas held up a woman at gunpoint was part of an emerging pattern, said Deputy Inspector John Cappelmann at a meeting of the Ninth Precinct Community Council last night.

Friends and Family Mark Anniversary of Teen’s Shooting

At a memorial service Sunday, Aida Salgado recalled the early morning, on Oct. 16, that her son was shot in the courtyard of the Campos Plaza housing development, and the year that has followed.

Woman Robbed at Gunpoint in Early-Morning Incident

Chilling screams were heard near East 12th Street and Avenue A around 3 a.m.

Shootings Followed Rap About Killing of Keith Salgado

Plus, politicians call for stronger gun control in the wake of weekend shootings.

Riverside Robber: Police Seek Suspect in 16 Hold-Ups

One man is suspected in a string of at least 16 robberies since May.

Unmarked Car? Not After This Bowery Fender Bender

The officer was shaken up by the accident, and eventually decided against going to the hospital.

Attempted Tip Jar Heist Leaves Snack Dragon Employee With Stitches

The suspect allegedly used the tip jar as a weapon after an employee foiled his attempt to steal it.

Deadly Stabbing Suspect Turns Himself In (And More On Monday’s Shooting)

Carl Knox turned himself in on Sunday for the murder of 31-year-old Corey Capers.

Tension in Alphabet City After Residents Clash With Police

A fight involving a father, his son, and a police officer last Saturday grew into a brawl that took over Avenue D and spilled into a police station house, said residents of Alphabet City who report that tensions have been running high ever since. Videos obtained by The Local offer a glimpse into the chaos.

Blood at Fine Fare Result of Saturday Stabbing

A suspect in the incident was found outside the grocery store, hence the blood.

Homeless on Avenue A, and Neighbors Aren’t Happy About It

A group of homeless people has taken shelter under the awning of the shuttered East Village Farm, where police are allowing them to stay even as neighbors complain of unsanitary and potentially dangerous conditions on Avenue A.