Suspect in Saturday Shooting Arrested in Bedford, Mass.

IMG-20130413-00655Ray LeMoine Between Avenues B and C.

Just a couple of days after a 52-year-old man, now identified by police as Arnold Cintron, was shot in the stomach in broad daylight Saturday, an arrest was made 200 miles from where the incident occurred on East Third Street.

Authorities tracked the alleged gunman, 44-year-old Jose Cintron (no relation) up to Bedford, Mass.; on Tuesday morning, he was apprehended there while in possession of three bags of heroin, said Deputy Inspector John Cappelmann, commanding officer of the Ninth Precinct.

The dispute between the two men was likely personal and probably centered on narcotics, said Mr. Cappelmann — both the victim and the perpetrator have histories of drug-related offenses. At the time of the shooting, Jose Cintron was on parole for drug sales. Last September, Arnold Cintron, who survived the shooting, was locked up for possession of heroin.