The Day | Leguizamo’s Pad Going For Nearly $4 Million

Centre FugeMichael Natale

Good morning, East Village.

More details have emerged about the 19-year-old who died after walking into a lobby on East 12th Street early Saturday: “She had been drinking heavily with pals at Webster Hall, law-enforcement officials said. Her father, Richard Pascucci, said she had an adrenal gland disorder. He said he thought someone had slipped drugs in her drink.” [NY Post]

“The four-story East Village townhouse that actor John Leguizamo bought in 1995 for an undisclosed amount has just hit the market for $3.995 million.” [Curbed]

More on Jared Kushner’s East Village buying spree: ““[Kushner] love[s] the East Village because there are a ton of people looking to rent there and under 1 percent vacancy,” says an industry source. “[It is] now likely the largest landlord in the East Village with all [its] acquisitions, and will continue to buy more.” [The Real Deal]

Alec Baldwin got in another tiff with a photographer on East 10th Street, and this incident led to both him and the photographer filing harassment complaints. [NY Post, Daily News]

Meanwhile a lawsuit alleges that Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria Thomas, allowed her yoga class to “exceed a safe and/or maximum allowable number of persons,” causing a man who was doing a handstand to crash into a window and injure his leg. [NY Post]

Next month Cooper Union will vote on whether to charge tuition to undergraduate students. [NY Times]

There’s a new three-story swingers club on the Bowery, and it’s called Bowery Bliss. [Urbandaddy]

If you attend, heed Thelonius Monk’s advice: “When you’re swinging, swing some more!” [Dangerous Minds]

“Police and other city and state officials were out in force on the Lower East Side last night, inspecting several nightlife venues for possible violations. Tammany Hall (152 Orchard), Boss Tweeds (115 Essex), Leftfield (87 Ludlow), The Suffolk (107 Suffolk), Fat Baby (112 Rivington) La Caverna (122 Rivington) and Recoup Lounge (210 Rivington) were all targeted.” PKNY and Lolita were given restraining orders for underage drinking violations. [The Lo-Down]

A recommendation for “Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind”: “The Neo-Futurists’ work is a crazy comical battle to perform 30 plays in 60 minutes and is never the same twice, as shorts are cut and replaced every week. While the pieces can get weird (in the best way), they are also funny and especially thought provoking.” [East Village Arts]

The new cycle of Centre-Fuge is up, as you can see above. [Gamma Blog]

The Nuyorican Poets Cafe was featured on an episode of MTV’s “Washington Heights.” [East Village Arts]

Some photos from Williamsburg Fashion Weekend. [Gothamist]

Michael Musto thinks Boulton & Watt is “a comfortable, unpretentious restaurant on Avenue A, where the above desserts gave my life some American-classic zing last night.” [La Daily Musto]