19-Year-Old Student Dies in East Village Lobby

A 19-year-old woman died in the lobby of an East Village building early Saturday morning, the police said.

Authorities found Jocelyn Pascucci of East Meadow, N.Y. unconscious in the lobby of 125 East 12th Street, shortly after they were summoned to the scene at 4:59 a.m. She was pronounced dead on arrival at Beth Israel hospital, the police said.

A police official told City Room that the building’s doorman let her in because she looked like she was cold; he called 911 after she either collapsed or lay down. She had been bar-hopping in the neighborhood but was separated from her friends at some point, the official said. According to the Daily News, the Stony Brook sophomore had a congenital heart condition that required daily injections.

The medical examiner will determine the exact cause of death, the police said. The investigation is ongoing.

In a profile on Stony Brook’s Website, the marine biology major, who was on a pre-veterinary track, wrote, “I consider myself artsy, as I like drawing, painting, and all other sorts of art-based things. My hobbies include reading, shopping, drinking lots of coffee, watching nature documentaries (I’m kind of science nerd!), and just hanging around with friends.”