The Day | Stuy Town, Tenants Reach $68.7M Settlement

Tree huggerScott Lynch

Good morning, East Village.

After a five-year battle, “Tenants and the company that controls Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village, the largest apartment complexes in Manhattan, reached a tentative $68.7 million settlement on Thursday, settling claims of rent overcharges since 2003.” [NY Times]

On the “grimy street” outside of Daniel Craig’s East Village apartment and at the next-door tattoo parlor, “the locals are positively falling over themselves to talk about their famous neighbor.” [The Daily Mail]

The owner of a Mobil on East Houston Street and Avenue C seemed a little nonplussed when a flash mob showed up to watch a movie about climate change get projected by the Illuminator, but everything went well. [City Room]

The New York City Housing Authority announced that “until Jan. 1, it will not evict or continue Housing Court actions against any of its residential tenants who are short on rent due to the impact of Superstorm Sandy.” Sheldon Silver wants to see that extended. [The Villager]

This Saturday at the Ukrainian Museum, there’ll be an event to celebrate “five successful years of collaborative Ukrainian folk music and dance programming between the Center for Traditional Music and Dance, the members of its Ukrainian Wave Community Cultural Initiative, and Ukrainian Wave’s partner organizations: NYBandura, The Ukrainian Museum, and The Ukrainian National Home/East Village Restaurant.” [East Village Arts]

Academy Records wants you to give the gift of vinyl this holiday season. [NearSay]

David Chang describes the First Avenue apartment he moved into when he signed the lease on Momofuku Noodle Bar. “The apartment was probably less than 400 square feet; it was one of those studios made to look like a one-bedroom. It was on the second floor and faced the alley. I don’t think sunlight had ever reached any of the rooms.” [Wall Street Journal]