Will Smith, Russell Crowe, and a Flying Horse On Cooper Square?

photo-15Sasha von Oldershausen Looks like the work of a flying horse!

A star-studded film that has caused consternation among Red Hook residents is coming to the East Village.

Flyers on East Seventh Street, near Cooper Square, indicate that “Winter’s Tale” will be filmed in the area on Dec. 2.

Screenwriter Akiva Goldsman’s adaptation of Mark Helprin’s magical-realism novel — starring Russell Crowe, Will Smith, Jennifer Connelly and Colin Farrell — has already rankled some residents in Red Hook, according to CBS LocalPage Six, and others.

An owner of Sunny’s, in Brooklyn, described the oddness of watching the production while her beloved bar is still struggling to reopen. “It’s kind of strange when you’re still kind of huddling in the cold and you look at all the people eating the fancy food that you can’t cook,” Tone Balzano Johansen told NBC New York.

According to the flyer, “Winter’s Tale” is a tale of love, fantasy, and redemption set in both early-1900s and present-day New York. Vulture says it features “an angelic white horse that can actually jump five New York City blocks.” It’s doubtful you’ll see that flying horse in action, but whatever: a Skyhorse already appeared on East Seventh Street, at Jimmy’s No. 43 last night.

Expect a parking freeze on East Sixth and Seventh Streets, between Cooper Square and Second Avenue; on Taras Shevchenko Place, between East Sixth and Seventh Streets; and on a portion of Cooper Square.