The Day | Rent Strike at Knickerbocker Village?

EAST VILLAGE dog-walkingRia Chung

Good morning, East Village.

The management of beleaguered Knickerbocker Village announced yesterday that it was attempting to connect electricity generators to the complex’s internal grid. Meanwhile power was restored to 250 apartments Saturday, aid has been stepped up and tenants are contemplating a rent strike. [The Lo-Down]

A 101-year-old woman died in the complex last Monday. She was one of about 700 seniors living there without heat since the hurricane. [NY Times]

Governor Cuomo is seeking $30 billion in federal storm relief aid, estimating that businesses lost $13 billion after being forced to close for days. [NY Times]

“Perhaps not surprisingly, it turns out that the storm struck the city’s trees like a chain saw on methamphetamines, toppling more than 8,000 street trees and destroying thousands more in parks and woodlands.” [NY Times]

Tree stumps and discarded branches are still evident in East River Park. [Blah Blog Blah]

Ngam lost its entire inventory to Sandy and sought help from the Eat Down Tip Up movement, started by four marketing execs in order to encourage New Yorkers to eat downtown and tip well. [NY Daily News]

Exchange Alley served up a pay-what-you-will buffet with its inventory and then fired up generators during the blackout. [NY Times]

Stop-and-frisks are down, according to recent numbers: “Figures released yesterday show there were 105,988 such stops from July to September — down 30.4 percent from the same period last year.” [NY Post]

Police officers nabbed a 43-year-old man burglarizing the Chipotle on Broadway near Bleecker Street on Nov. 4. [NY Post]

“Packed with hundreds of bodies siphoning free heat and free dream pop, the Bowery Hotel hosted their monthly School Night! show series, headlined by the Joy Formidable.” [Noisey]

Jake Gyllenhaal was spotted in the neighborhood holding hands with a “mystery woman.” [Huffington Post]