Nino’s, Flea Market Renovate Post-Sandy

photoDaniel Maurer Miguel Gutierrez of Nino’s

A couple of businesses on the corner of Avenue A and St. Marks Place have taken longer than most to reemerge from Sandy.

EV Grieve noted Friday that Nino’s, the corner pizzeria, had closed, causing commenters to go into mourning mode. So imagine The Local’s surprise to find it open last night.

Pointing to a spot above the front window, Miguel Gutierrez, a manager, explained that the ceiling leaked during Sandy and the owner decided to use it as an excuse to strip the place down. Now the walls consist of wood beams, and the pies sit on a wooden front counter sans glass display.

Other than that, Mr. Gutierrez assured, “the place is going to be the same,” open 20 hours a day with the same menu.

Next-door, Flea Market — no stranger to temporary closures — remains dark. A sign on the window reads: “We are closed for post-Sandy renovations.”