Traveler’s Pit-Bull Goes Missing, and Another Pit Survives Police Shooting

Missing dogDaniel Maurer

A pit-bull we profiled earlier this year has gone missing.

Last week, a commenter informed us that Sugar, a 12-year-old black-and-white pit-bull, was stolen from her sleeping owner, Kevin Kleber. “Please keep a look out for this girl,” wrote the commenter. “She is missed greatly.”

Mr. Kleber, a.k.a. Toasty, is a 27-year-old member of the East Village’s community of “travelers.” Since he rescued Sugar over seven months ago, the two have been inseparable. They recently traveled to Maine together before returning to Mr. Kleber’s native New York.

“She’s such a sweetheart,” he said. “She makes me happy.”

dogAlberto Reyes Sugar and Toasty

Flyers posted around the neighborhood indicate that Sugar was last seen at East Sixth Street between Second and Third Avenues.

Meanwhile, the pit-bull that was shot in the head by a police officer on 14th Street last month is still in a rehab facility and doing well. According to her custodians at the Lexus Project, Star’s vision is slowly improving after the removal of her left eye: she appears to be focusing and able to identify objects.

In a recent video posted to her Facebook fan page, Star can be seen wagging her tail and playing with a ball.

Star will be placed when a suitable home becomes available, The Lexus Project said. They are not taking applications at this time.

Charlie Cifarelli, 47, a New York native and Nebraska resident who started the fan page, said, “We’re just hoping that one day Star can have a forever home and a life that she deserves.”

Incredibly, Star isn’t the only pit-bull to survive a recent police shooting. Sunday night, an officer shot a pit-bull in the head in the Bronx but the dog managed to pull through, the Daily News reported yesterday.

Correction, Dec. 11, 2012: The original version of this post was revised to reflect a correction. The person who started the fan page for Star lives in Nebraska, not Nevada.