Want to Adopt Star the Pit Bull? Talk to Her Lawyers

Lexus Project vets with StarThe Lexus Project. An image posted on Facebook of Lexus Project staff with Star.

Here’s your hourly update on Star, the pit bull shot in the head by a police officer on 14th Street.

The miracle mutt is now in the care of the Lexus Project, which describes itself as “a law firm for dogs” that provides “legal defense on a case by case basis for dogs we believe are improperly or unfairly facing dangerous dog designations or euthanasia.” The organization, based in Kew Gardens, Queens, writes on Facebook that the dog, after losing an eye in surgery yesterday, is bound for a rehabilitation facility “where she can rest and be pampered on until she goes for her behavior assessment. From there, she will be placed into her forever home.”

That means that all the folks clamoring to bring the perseverant pooch into their homes need to hold off. Instead, the Lexus Project urges people to adopt another dog “on death row.” “If everyone of the people who contacted me adopted a dog on death row, there would be 60 — yes 60 — dogs alive at the end of today instead of a lonely and frightening death,” the organization wrote on Facebook.

Star the Pit BullAnimal Care and Control.

Meanwhile, the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals revealed a few more details about the nature of Star’s injuries. “The zygomatic arch on the left side of her face (the bone across her cheek beneath her eye socket) had been broken, creating a lot of soft tissue damage and head trauma,” the Alliance wrote on Facebook. “Though she is still quieter and groggier than a typical dog, Star…is doing well!”

Today, The Local searched for Star’s former owner, Lech Stankiewicz, to no avail. One homeless person who claimed to have seen him since the shocking shooting on August 13 said he did not want to talk to the press. Another homeless couple said they were certain Mr. Stankiewicz would be “heartbroken” to know Star lost an eye.