7-Eleven Looking Still More Likely On Avenue A

IMG_5609Alexa Mae Asperin

The East Ninth Street storefront where Turkish fast-food joint Cigkoftem opened in February is now for rent, and a vandal who left his mark there in recent days seems worried N.Y.U. or 7-Eleven will replace it.

That’s unlikely, but: Back in September, a construction worker told The Local that 170 Avenue A, the former home of Bar on A, was getting a 7-Eleven. The job applicant listed on the construction permit was an architect of previous 7-Elevens, so it seemed likely to be true. But 7-Eleven didn’t respond to inquiries, and we never got official confirmation (which didn’t stop readers – and writers, and neighboring businesses – from weighing in.)

Today, there’s further evidence: A construction application approved last week confirms that work at 170 Avenue A will involve the “infill of a convenience store.”

Sure, there’s always the chance said “convenience store” will be the city’s first Wawa (as hoagie fans, we wouldn’t be opposed), but it’s looking more and more like 7-Eleven.