Turkish Fast Food Joint Opens First U.S. Location

IMG_0707Stephen Rex Brown Cigkoftem at 438 East Ninth Street.

A little over a week ago, Cigkoftem opened on East Ninth Street near Avenue A, the first American outpost of a chain that has over 130 locations in Turkey.

The eatery only serves one item: a vegetarian patty similar to falafel that is made of cracked wheat, tomato or chili paste, chili pepper and spices. It comes in spicy or mild varieties — “The Sweetest Hot” is Cigkoftem’s slogan — and is served in a pita.

“Why’d we choose the East Village? Because the people are cool,” said Cigkoftem’s laid back manager, Ghengis Demir. “People like it, we’ll see what happens.”

The menu, which is below, includes some interesting history about the chain, as well as the phone number for two locations in Turkey.

Cigkoftem Menu