The Day | Schwimmer House Back in Spotlight

matchieRachel Citron

Good morning, East Village.

If you heard marauders singing “New York, New York” under your window last night, it’s because the Giants won the Super Bowl, and the East Village was all a’Twitter. Jake Walsh (@jake_walsh2) posted a photo from inside the 13th Step. Heidi Hackemer (@uberblond) tweeted, “Giants win. Fireworks in the east village. Drunks screaming in the streets. Sirens wailing. Can we get back to Downton Abbey now please?” And Ben Furnas (@bfurnas) wrote, “All these East Village restaurants that told the Community Board they ‘happen to serve beer’ sounding an awful lot like sports bars tonight.” Strangely, not many tweets coming out of Professor Thom’s.

The Post is running with speculation that David Schwimmer is the one who razed a townhouse vying for landmark status at 331 East Sixth Street in order to replace it with a six-story mansion. Schwimmer still hasn’t confirmed it’s his property, but The Post says that “sources briefed on the purchase confirmed that Schwimmer is the owner.”

The Daily News, The Post and The Times all file previews of “Smash,” the NBC show that’s been filming around the neighborhood. It premieres tonight.

EV Grieve notes a couple of passings: Bob Spedalere, a bartender at Grassroots Tavern, died at 65; and Connie Bush, co-founder of the Cornelia Connelly Center, died at 57.

Bowery Boogie notes that the classic “On the Bowery” will be released on DVD on Feb. 21.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Luzzo’s is celebrating seven years in business by introducing a 7 Deadly Sins pizza that “features an ingredient for each of the seven deadly sins.”

Metro Focus mentions Slainte as an example of a “boffice,” i.e. bars that “not only have free WiFi, but allow and, in some cases, encourage laptop use for prolonged periods.”