The Day | An Offer to Help Pit Bull’s Owner

Ethan Minsker

Above is a video sent to The Local by bartender Ethan Minsker, who also created the footage of paper cutouts reenacting his memoir, “Barstool Prophets.” “Here is a video I made on the old fanzine we did for more then 20 years in the East Village,” he wrote in a message sent through The Local’s Facebook page.

A CNN iReport expresses many of the same sentiments popping up on Star the pit bull’s Facebook fan page. Charlie Cifarelli, a native New Yorker who now lives in Nebraska, actually started the page after seeing footage of the dog being shot. “I cried, but no tears outside; I’m a guy I cried inside,” he said. “I never felt such pain because I saw a dog screaming in pain, Lech on the ground and all the children who had to see this pain. I saw the Police shooting in the direction of each other and thought this is insane.” Mr. Cifarelli is now looking for the dog’s owner. “As a business man, I have helped others get back on their feet. I offer them help, a place to stay and a job. In all the media that has been written in the two weeks, I am concerned that Stankiewicz’s needs have been overlooked.”

EV Grieve noticed new renderings of what the Amato Opera could be. (Hint: “Bowery Fashion.”)

The Daily News interviews Jakob Kraus, the kid behind the “Robokid v. East Village” video. Robokid’s dad, who shot the video, is none other than Matthew Kraus, who yesterday shared his photos of anti-R.N.C. stickers pasted around the neighborhood in 2004.

The Voice’s Robert Sietsema checks out Masak, the new restaurant on East 13th Street serving the cuisine of Singapore. “Some of the best dishes are bastardized (or maybe I should say bistro-ized) versions of standard Malaysian fare.”

DNAInfo reports that one of the soldiers who pleaded guilty in connection to the suicide of Private Danny Chen has been allowed to remain in the Army.