Watch Paper Cutouts Reenact the Life of an East Village Bartender

If you enjoyed the trailer for Dirt Candy’s new book, you might also dig this one. In it, longtime East Village bartender Ethan H. Minsker reads from his memoir, “Barstool Prophets,” while paper cutouts reenact his move as a naive college graduate to a sketchy apartment at 47 Avenue B. (“There used to be an illegal gambling joint below us,” Mr. Minsker writes on the book’s Facebook page. “I once saw a guy stumble out who had just been stabbed in the gut. Blood was everywhere.”) The video brings fresh life to the old “crack vials were always underfoot” cliché, but be warned: the scene depicting bums on every corner is about as gross as paper cutouts get outside of South Park.

You’ve probably seen stickers advertising “Barstool Prophets” around the neighborhood (the video is new, but the book was published last year); if they’ve piqued your curiosity, here‘s an excerpt in which the author recalls pouring drinks in the days following 9/11.