The Day | Village Voice On the Brink?

Allleft 143Alberto Reyes

Good morning, East Village.

Over the weekend Rosie Gray, a former staffer at The Village Voice, shared her thoughts regarding the alt weekly’s latest round of layoffs. Writing on Buzzfeed, she said many people share the blame for the paper’s current state. “The Voice suffered from the same ailments that afflict print media organizations everywhere, but it proved less adept than most at adapting to the changing media. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say that it adapted to the Internet in the entirely wrong way, figuring out only the web’s seamiest edge.” A skeleton crew now runs the paper and it will soon be moving out of its offices at Cooper Square.

The Voice is still churning out blog posts, though. Robert Sietsema reports that the ice cream cart outside of The Standard, East Village is “some of the best tasting stuff” in the neighborhood.

Bowery Boogie continues the Intermix rumor mongering, this time reporting through an unnamed source that the high-end boutique is bound for the Steve’s On The Bowery space.

The Times follows up on the purple-gloved bandit and figures out what made him do it. The suspect, Piotr Pasciak, admits that he is a heroin addict who worked as a real estate broker. When he relapsed, he used the keys for the apartments he was showing to break in.

Crain’s reports that 6 St. Marks Place, the former home of Kim’s Video, is on the market for $14.5 million. Currently, NY Tofu House and U2 Karaoke Lounge are in the five-story building.

NBC New York has a photo of the aftermath of a taxi that hit a pedestrian early Sunday morning.

Ever wonder how unpleasant your wait on the L train platform will be? Gothamist reports that a new app calculates the temperatures in L train stations.

And in case you missed it, Mayor Michael Bloomberg admitted on Friday that the citywide bike-share program will not begin until next year. It was originally scheduled to debut this summer.