Intermix Latest Upscale Business Bound for Bowery, But Where?

UntitledStephen Rex Brown 54 Bond Street.

Three’s a trend, right? A high-end clothing boutique, Intermix, is coming to the Bowery, joining Patagonia and Anthropologie and reinforcing the notion that the once notorious thoroughfare is thoroughly upscale.

A spokeswoman for the store catering to “trendsetters, A-Listers and glam fashionistas” confirmed the store was “slated to open on Bowery,” but wouldn’t say exactly where Intermix will join the mix.

Bowery Boogie reported that the store would open in 54 Bond Street, citing an anonymous tipster. But Billy Reid, which currently occupies the space, denied the rumor. In fact, an employee at the store said the owners “were really pissed” that it was reported before they were contacted.

UntitledStephen Rex Brown Maybe it will open here?

But the word at Billy Reid and Rogan, which is also in the old Bouwerie Lane Theater building, is that Intermix will open somewhere nearby. Looking around, the vacant retail space at 57 Bond Street seems like a good candidate. The Local called the firm handling the space, and an employee said she would call back.