The Day | Big Gay Crimefighters?

East Village Mystery Lot: And so it begins...Scott Lynch At the “Mystery Lot,” which isn’t so mysterious anymore.

Good morning, East Village.

The Times reports on the New York Marble Cemetery’s decision to open itself up to events. The trustees see the parties, weddings and film shoots as a way to “make the cemetery pay for itself.”

The gents at Big Gay Ice Cream tweeted on Friday that two of their employees were asked to identify a suspect who allegedly tried to use a counterfeit $100 bill at the ice cream joint, as well as Porchetta and Luke’s Lobster. “We don’t play!” the owners joked.

An owner of Northern Spy tells USA Today that FourSquare has been a boon for business. “On one level, it’s like a digital maitre d’.”

The Chick-Fil-A controversy has made its way into the Village. DNAInfo reports that Councilwoman Christine Quinn has started an online petition to have its only location at 5 University Place closed by N.Y.U. Earlier this month, the southern fast food chain’s president caused a firestorm by saying he was opposed to gay marriage.

The New York Post has the scoop on a lukewarm first date at Esperanto.

The Daily Beast talks to Moira Johnston, whose exposed breasts have “reassured Big Apple denizens that New York City is indeed the greatest place on earth.” Ms. Johnston was once booted from a yoga class after popping her top, leading her to take up her eye-catching form of protest. “Johnston thought it unfair that men be allowed to go topless in Downward Dog while women are forced to keep their mammaries in their Lululemon tanks,” the site reports.

EV Grieve hears a rumor that flooding caused water damage in 315 East 10th Street, the Tompkins Square Park townhouse owned by Ben Shaoul that was approved for a rooftop addition only hours before it was declared part of an historic district.