Stella McCartney Brings Jim Carrey, Supermodels, and Carnival Games to Marble Cemetery

StellaRebecca Prusinowski Stella McCartney (fifth from right) and models.

Last night at the New York Marble Cemetery, fashion designer Stella McCartney (daughter of Sir Paul) presented her 2012 Resort collection to a crowd of revelers that included Anne Hathaway, Jim Carrey, Amy Poehler, Emily Mortimer, Solange Knowles, and Lauren Hutton, among other Stella-heeled models and children.

“It’s an incredible space and a lot of people have no idea about it,” Ms. McCartney said of the lush lawn hidden away from the bustle of Second Avenue. “I had no idea about it until my friend who works with me came across it himself and told me about it.

jim carreyRebecca Prusinowski Jim Carrey in the crowd.

The locale didn’t seem morbid to her. “This collection is about a celebration of life,” she said. “In a way there is no better place to celebrate the vibrancy of life than in a cemetery.”

Model and actress Lauren Hutton said the cemetery was a revelation to her as well, though she has been in the neighborhood for almost 45 years. “I had had a loft on the Bowery and had no idea such a place existed,” she said. “That was in like 1989 and it was wild. Back then I had about 32 doormen free-of-charge standing outside my building. They were all there, always waiting for me, smoking their crack.”

Marble Cemetery transformed into a carnivalRebecca Prusinowski New York Marble Cemetery

The only crack at Ms. McCartney’s carnival-themed soiree was in the form of fancy,  fattening gourmet foods: truffle macaroni cones drizzled with Sriracha, make-your-own ice cream sandwiches, and candy apples.

While a brass band played Stevie Wonder covers, Mr. Carrey held court between the grilled corn and panna cotta booths and Amy Poehler hung back by the kid-run lemonade stand surrounded by dancing models and bubble-blowing tykes. Solange (best known as Beyonce’s little sister) staked claim at the high-striker strongman game.

Models kick off their shoes and dance to Soul Rebels Jazz Band (without filter)Rebecca Prusinowski Models kick off their shoes and dance to Soul
Rebels Jazz Band.

Ms. Hathaway, sporting a skinny white suit and black sunglasses that recalled the Terry Griffith character in “Just One of the Guys,” happily chowed on a veggie burger sans cheese (she’s vegan) but resisted the ubiquitous gluten-free red velvet cake balls. “I just indulged at Babycakes earlier today,” she apologized.