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Stella McCartney Brings Jim Carrey, Supermodels, and Carnival Games to Marble Cemetery

StellaRebecca Prusinowski Stella McCartney (fifth from right) and models.

Last night at the New York Marble Cemetery, fashion designer Stella McCartney (daughter of Sir Paul) presented her 2012 Resort collection to a crowd of revelers that included Anne Hathaway, Jim Carrey, Amy Poehler, Emily Mortimer, Solange Knowles, and Lauren Hutton, among other Stella-heeled models and children.

“It’s an incredible space and a lot of people have no idea about it,” Ms. McCartney said of the lush lawn hidden away from the bustle of Second Avenue. “I had no idea about it until my friend who works with me came across it himself and told me about it. Read more…

Allen Ginsberg, Revisited by His Right-Hand Man: Pt. 2

Allen Ginsberg and Bob Rosenthal Rosenthal and Ginsberg.

Earlier this week, Allen Ginsberg’s secretary of 20 years, Bob Rosenthal, shared memories of his former employer – some of which will be included in a memoir he recently completed, “Straight Around Allen.” Speaking to The Local at Ginsberg’s former apartment on East 12th Street, where the two worked alongside each other for so long, he recalled the great poet’s daily routine, his tastes in literature and music, his mail and telephone communications, and his ways with money. Today, in our second installment, Mr. Rosenthal talks about Ginsberg’s social sphere during his two decades in the so-called poets building. Check back tomorrow for still more from this candid interview. 

Allen’s East Village
People would always call Allen and say, “Allen, come to my shangri-la in Hawaii,” and here or there. He would never go. A vacation for Allen was coming back and having nothing to do in the East Village. He would often go to the poetry readings at St. Mark’s. He loved the mushroom barley soup at the Kiev. And The New York Times – he just loved it. He hung around Tompkins Square, wrote a lot of one-line poems about skinheads there. And he was a natural. I think because he always felt free here. Read more…