The Day | Protests Outside of Village Voice

hotrodLauren Carol Smith

Good morning, East Village.

Sources close to Scott Stringer tell The Times that the Borough President is frustrated with the N.Y.U. expansion plan, which “will overwhelm the existing community.”

An Associated Press item at SFGate details protests in front of the Village Voice headquarters yesterday. A group that included Norman Mailer’s son again accused the publication of promoting underage sex trafficking.

A Kickstarter project is underway to raise $17,500 to open a Giant Donuts NYC somewhere in the East Village, which would sell miniature, not giant, donuts. Bowery Boogie got the tip.

Real Estate Weekly says an eco-friendly building at 523 East Fifth Street will open imminently.

Handsome Dick Manitoba writes about an encounter with a rude publicist at a party at the John Varvatos store for “a book out with Johnny Ramone’s wife, uh, her name eludes me,oh yeah, Linda.” The rocker also weighs in on Trayvon Martin.

Grub Street reports that Baohaus has extended its menus and added a couple of dishes, and Momofuku Milk Bar is adding some new soft-serve flavors as well.