The Day | More Details About CBGB Fest

Dependent 2012 art fair in the Comfort Inn on Ludlow: Bathroom buddyScott Lynch

Good morning, East Village.

This Ain’t the Summer of Love spots an update to the CBGB website, which includes more information about a music festival planned for Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the Lower East Side and the Bowery on July 4 weekend. “Experience four energy-fueled days & nights of music, rock-n-roll films, insider-industry workshops, and intimate storytelling; all live, all in New York City,” the still-anonymous promoters write.

Andrew Berman, the executive director of the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, passes along a letter to public officials expressing concern that the City Council’s public hearings on N.Y.U.’s proposed expansion will take place in late June and early July — presumably when people will be on vacation. “Holding the City Council public hearings during a time period when the broadest possible cross-section of the public was not able to participate would significantly favor the applicant, N.Y.U.,” Berman wrote.

The Post reports that Faye Dunaway, fresh off her embarrassing exile from a rent stabilized apartment in the Upper East Side, is now house hunting in the East Village — specifically at 300 East Fourth Street.

EV Grieve spots a flier promoting a fundraiser tonight in honor of Phoebe, a dog that died last week “after eating something poisonous on the streets of the East Village.”

Bill Weinberg, writing in the Downtown Express, decries the gentrification of the East Village, and NoHo in particular. “One by one, the last of the rent-stabilized tenants in my building have moved out or died. The new decontrolled tenants view the few remaining stabilized tenants such as myself with suspicion, if not outright contempt. A nearly apartheid-like system now prevails.”

The Wall Street Journal gets a little backstory on Benjamin Shaoul while checking in on one of his developments at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge in Lower Manhattan. The 35-year-old Mr. Shaoul dropped out of college at 19 and now says he owns well over 1,000 apartments.