East Village Gets Two New Bright, Shiny Objects

buildingsDaniel Maurer 100 Third Avenue (l) and 219 First Avenue (r).

A couple of new apartment buildings are showing themselves off today. On Monday, EV Grieve noticed the netting coming down at 219 First Avenue, a four-story building that has been enlarged to six stories with a penthouse. And this morning, a couple of blocks down 13th Street, The Local spotted scaffolding coming down at 100 Third Avenue. Originally a four-story building (and the site of theaters such as Blank’s Winter Garden, Sans Souci, and the Lyric), it now boasts seven floors, one of which will house the new Nevada Smiths. (The bar had hoped to relocate there this month.) We’ll have more about these buildings soon, but in the meantime admire(?) their shiny new facades.