What’s the East Village’s Best Kept Secret, For Real?


We’ll save you from having to download a QR reader: The “best kept secret” alluded to in this flyer posted near Astor Place is in fact a gym with several locations throughout the city. Note to whoever posted this: once you’ve built a waterfall and a two-story rock wall, you’re not exactly a secret.

But it got us thinking: what is the East Village’s best-kept secret, anyway? It sure as heck isn’t Angel’s Share or Decibel anymore. Is it that you can get a free mini arepa with your drink during happy hour at Guayoyo? (Or is it the very name of that restaurant – we can never remember it.) Is it University of the Streets? Katinka? The fact that overnight parking is actually kind of a breeze on certain blocks? Is it the after-hours parties we hear are still alive and well in the neighborhood? (More on that later.) Is it the trick for skipping the line at Ippudo, which last weekend was 80-people long shortly before opening? Is it the identity of the owner of the private bike rack? Or is it the bar where you can get $2 beers, the occasional buyback, and a seat on a Friday night? (No way are we giving that one up.)

You tell us!