Nevada Smiths Hopes to Reopen in February, Will Show Soccer Games at Webster Hall

IMG_4175Lauren Carol Smith The now-closed location of Nevada Smiths.

The popular soccer bar Nevada Smiths served its final beer last night, but there’s no need to behave like a hooligan: the staff will be showing games at Webster Hall until the bar reopens at its new location.

Owner Patrick McCarthy told The Local that he planned on showing his first game at Webster Hall this weekend. A staffer at the nightclub and concert hall confirmed the arrangement.

“It’s perfect in there,” said Mr. McCarthy, who was cleaning out his old space on Third Avenue between 11th and 12th Streets. “I want to stay in the neighborhood, naturally. This all worked out great.”

The owner added that he hopes to open his new location at 100 Third Avenue in February and that the new Nevada Smiths will be a major expansion. The 4,500-square-foot space will be more than double the size of the previous one, he said. It will also serve bar food, and Mr. McCarthy hopes to attract a larger nighttime crowd that isn’t just interested in soccer. First, though, Mr. McCarthy must go before Community Board 3 and ask for its endorsement of a new liquor license.

“That’s always an adventure,” Mr. McCarthy joked. “But I think we have enough recommendations and have been in the neighborhood long enough that we should be fine.”

The new location — and the temporary setup at Webster Hall — amount to a comeback of sorts for Mr. McCarthy, who earlier this year had to contend with disgruntled customers who abandoned the bar after a contentious split with several employees and a former co-owner.