The Day | Two Boots Turns 25, Life Cafe May Be Kaput

Good morning, East Village.

Hypervocal points to a trailer for “This Is My Home,” Mark Cersosimo’s documentary about Anthony Pisano, whose East Village apartment of 32 years is a virtual curiosity cabinet. Watch it above.

The paparazzi stalking the shoot of “A Case of You” yesterday apparently got the goods: Gossip Center posts a photo of Evan Rachel Wood.

Is it finally the end for embattled Life Cafe? EV Grieve spots a “retail space available” sign on the window.

DNA Info reports that “the city may eliminate half the pre-K classes at two popular East Village elementary schools in an effort to ease overcrowding.” The Department of Education is proposing that starting next year, The East Village Community School and the Children’s Workshop School admit just one section of pre-K rather than its usual two.

The Post reports that a man managed to snag a woman’s wallet while dancing with her at Webster Hall early Sunday morning. The club was also the scene of a Jan. 27 purse swipe, The Local reported on Monday.

While trying to buy rum for hurricanes last night, The Local noticed that Avenue A Wine has been seized by the city marshal.

Urbandaddy reports that The Standard East Village has opened its restaurant, demurely named The Restaurant at the Standard East Village. Expect comfort food and an outdoor ping-pong table.

Happy 25th birthday to Two Boots. Owner Phil Hartman tells DNA Info that the East Village was a lot different when he opened what is now a national chain on Avenue A: “The neighborhood was pretty desolate back then. If people were out late at night, they were either coming to Two Boots or they were going to score drugs on Second Street.”

According to Grub Street, Bar Veloce is suing Andrew Preston for defamation after the former employee posted flyers indicating that the bar’s higher-ups “refuse to pay their hardworking staff any overtime and take a hefty cut of every tip.”

Eater tours the new 5 Napkin Burger location on 14th Street and Third Avenue.

Flaming Pablum posts a 1970s photo of 12th Street and Broadway, when Forbidden Planet was located there.

Alex Stupak, the chef-owner of Second Avenue newcomer Empellon Cocina, tells The Times why he made the switch from desserts to Mexican cuisine: “I like that it’s an underdog. I like that it’s undervalued.”