Life Cafe Back to Life? Owner in Talks With Potential Business Partners

lifeRay Lemoine Work was being done inside of Life earlier today.

There may be a light at the end of the tunnel for Life Cafe.

Owner Kathy Kirkpatrick and landlord Bob Perl have been in talks with potential business partners who would pave the way for the shuttered cafe at East 10th Street and Avenue B to finally reopen, much to the relief of “Rentheads” everywhere.

“There are other parties who want to partner with Kathy and I am talking to them,” said Mr. Perl. “There is a possibility it could go on — whether it does I’m not sure.”

Ms. Kirkpatrick confirmed the discussions, but had little to add. “It has to do with the landlord agreeing to work together and cooperate,” she said.

Life Cafe has been dead since September — the result of a dispute regarding repairs to the building. In November The Local ran into Ms. Kirkpatrick as she hauled away kitchen equipment, raising the question of if the cafe would ever reopen. The scaffolding, which so irked Ms. Kirkpatrick, remains in place, and Mr. Perl said work on the building was ongoing.

“They’re securing the building so hopefully it will last another 50, 100 years — whatever we can get out of it,” he said.

But it doesn’t seem the cafe’s reopening is imminent. “As far as I know, Kathy is mostly focused on Brooklyn now,” said Mr. Perl, referring to the Bushwick location of Life.