Mosaic Man Annexes Porchetta

tumblr_lybpx67TpW1qzt4y1Matt Rosen Mosaic Man’s latest.

The East Village’s most ubiquitous street artist is in the midst of a particularly prolific period, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

tumblr_lybpcrfwQa1qlkuzwo1_500Matt Rosen Jim Power, alongside Porchetta co-owner Matt Lindemulder.

This morning, “Mosaic Man” Jim Power alerted The Local to his new pig mosaic, which he had just delivered to to Porchetta on East Seventh Street.

Recently, Mr. Power unveiled signage for Tompkins Square Bagels and the new location of The Bean.

The Local will probably get a firsthand look at the porcine mosaic any day now. We just finished off a punch-card for a free sandwich, and those burnt ends are irresistible.