Mosaic Man Will Deliver Pig to Porchetta

Jim Power, Mosaic ManStephen Rex Brown Jim Power works on a new mosaic for the soon-to-open Tompkins Square Bagels.

The Local spent some quality time with Jim Power yesterday, and the  Mosaic Man let us in on a few of his upcoming projects. Mr. Power is in the process of designing mosaics for Porchetta, the new Tompkins Square Bagels coming to Avenue A, and the soon-to-reopen Exit 9.

The neighborhood’s beloved public artist was as humble as ever.

“I’m doing the city a favor with all this stuff,” Mr. Power said while taking a break from work in his basement studio. “I’m making this neighborhood one of the biggest landmarks in the world.”

That might sound arrogant, if it wasn’t for the fact that many people agree with him — including his customers.

“We love his work and it’s a chance to throw him support,” said Matt Lindemulder, the co-owner of Porchetta. “He’s an East Village institution and we’re an East Village business.”

Mr. Lindemulder added that he was expecting to commission a mosaic of a pig that his crew can take to events.

The new signs are only a few of the projects Mr. Power has on his mind. This Saturday, he’s planning on restoring some of his signature light poles on St. Marks Place — weather permitting, of course. (Check his Twitter page to make sure the gathering is a go.)