Almost Ready to Open, Tompkins Square Bagels Hoists Sign by Mosaic Man

bagelsDaniel Maurer

The Local just spotted “Mosaic Man” Jim Power outside of Tompkins Square Bagels, where a sign he spent three or four weeks working on is being hoisted this afternoon. Flanked by his right-hand social-media man Matt Rosen, who had put out a tweet about the store’s christening, Mr. Power revealed that he is talking to The Bean about doing a sign for their forthcoming store.

Also on the scene was Tompkins Square Bagels owner Chris Pugliese, who gave us a tour of the space (later, we’ll have shots from inside). Mr. Pugliese, who is an owner of Court Street Bagels in Cobble Hill but lives in the East Village, said some of the pastries, including vegan items, would be provided by Babycakes and Butter Lane – for the bagels and bread, he purchased and refurbished a used Cutler oven to the tune of $15,500, and installed it in an open kitchen so that customers can watch the bagels being made.

The coffee, from Stumptown, will be just drip and French press at first. “We ran out of money,” Mr. Pugliese explained, laughing. “The espresso machine is $7,000 but once we get that we’ll do espresso and cappuccino.” Expect also a salad bar, deli station, possibly dry goods, and a back garden.

Though he acknowledges the proximity of Everything Bagels Café on Third Avenue, Mr. Pugliese believes there’s a relative scarcity of bagel shops in the neighborhood, and is looking forward to trying the waters when he opens within a few weeks. “It’s either going to be that it’s a great idea,” he said, “or that there isn’t a bagel store for a reason.”