New Location of Lucky Cheng’s Revealed, and Richie Rich Will Set Up Shop There [Updated]

chengs.jpogDaniel Maurer Lucky Cheng’s at 24 First Avenue.

The end of the East Village’s biggest drag destination is just around the corner.

Lucky Cheng’s will move to 240 West 52nd Street in May or June, and owner Hayne Suthon says that club-kid turned designer Richie Rich, formerly of Heatherette, will sell a new fashion line in the space.

“He wants to put his new designs for clothing on the upper floor,” said Ms. Suthon of her new collaborator. “It’s kind of a wild venue, and he’s a wild guy.”

Ms. Suthon signed the lease for the 300-seat, multi-level space yesterday. Previously, it was home of Touch, a nightclub with a color-changing bar, state-of-the-art sound system, and troubled history. She added that Mr. Rich — who has created outré outfits for pop stars like Alicia Keys and Britney Spears — would collaborate with her on various merchandise for Lucky Cheng’s, including makeup and, best of all, false eyelashes. The space will also feature a runway to showcase the new gear.

mainroom_eastCourtesy of Touch Touch

“It’s a great marriage,” she said. Both Richie Rich’s designs and Lucky Cheng’s appeared in early episodes of “Sex and the City.”

Last month, The Local reported that the Asian-themed drag-show restaurant, which opened in 1993 and has since become a tourist and bachelorette-party destination, would be moving to the Times Square area. It’s still uncertain what type of establishment will take over the spacious digs on First Avenue.

Update | 4:15 p.m. Richie Rich and his boyfriend and fellow designer, Ross Higgins, called up The Local and sang the new space’s praises.

“We’re basically going to be working above the ‘Birdcage,'” said Mr. Rich, referencing the movie with Robin Williams and Nathan Lane. “We’re going to invite buyers. It’s not going to necessarily be Macy’s, but there’s definitely going to be people coming and checking it out.”

The “celebutante” revealed that he and Mr. Higgins live on St. Marks Place between First and Second Avenues, in an apartment that he said once belonged to Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller. In fact, Mr. Higgins said, the pair were communing with Ms. Monroe’s spirit just last night. “We did some Ouija action,” said Mr. Rich. “We asked, ‘Do you like what we’re doing?’ And she said, ‘I love you.’”

“And we got a fragrance coming out around Valentine’s Day so people can smell like us,” he later added.