An Indecent Proposal on East Second Street?

Last week the Lo-Down reported that neighborhood activist Ayo Harrington complained to Community Board 3, among other organizations, about a mural on East Second Street near Avenue A that she considered “racially offensive” as well as sexist (the complaint was forwarded to New York City Commission on Human Rights).

Tats Cru, the Bronx-based graffiti artists who painted the mural, told the Lo-Down it was nothing more than “a marriage proposal where the guy wanted to depict cartoon versions of him and his girlfriend where he is trying to rescue her, sort of saving the princess type of thing.” Later, the man who commissioned the mural, Adam Sirois, wrote, “it is a shame that something bred of love is getting sprinkled with negativity because one individual misconstrued it – a piece of art, no less.”

Time-lapse video of the mural’s creation has now hit YouTube – what do you think: retrograde or romantic?