The Day | Halloween Pepper-Spray Mayhem Caught on Tape

Good morning, East Village.

How ’bout a little trance music to start your day? Sutra, a thriving destination for old-school hip-hop, sent over the above video celebrating its seven years on First Avenue, along with a flyer stating, “Back in 2004 when Sutra first opened its doors it was publicly accused of being the ‘#1 loudest bar in New York’ and it hasn’t quieted down since.”

Meanwhile MyBlockNYC has far less groovy video, picked up by Gothamist and Huffington Post yesterday, of an officer macing an angry group crowding a police car on Avenue A on Halloween night. One member of the group is eventually tackled.

Robert Christgau profiles Jeffrey Lewis, an anti-folk singer-songwriter who grew up in the East Village and is described as “the lifetime bohemian as likable supernerd, neurotic and vulnerable in a rather universal way.” His latest song, which you can listen to on N.P.R.’s site, is “a dystopian yet tongue-in-cheek reflection on consumerism, evolution, mortality and the tiny place of life itself in the cosmos.”

The Post reveals that Hockeem Smith, the 24-year-old that was arrested in the shooting of Donovan (Keith) Salgado, had previously been arrested on weapons possession charges.

The Post also reports from the beginning of the felony assault trial of Oscar Fuller, who is accused of fracturing the skull of a woman on East 14th Street. A witness described seeing him throw “the hardest punch I’ve seen in my life, ever.”

Makeup artist Kristin Gallegos tells Racked that Mast Books is her favorite bookstore in the city: “It’s a little gem I stumbled upon while walking on Ave A on my way to Takahachi, my favorite sushi spot.”

In other bookstore news, a clip posted to YouTube shows Slavoj Žižek, the Slovenian philosopher and social commentator holding forth about Occupy Wall Street at the St. Mark’s Bookshop; in another clip, he discusses the Bookshop’s woes: “Small universities or small institutions like Cooper Union, they can only thrive in the environment in a narrow sense, a couple of blocks around, when there is some intellectual life.” After jokingly implying that a mafia intervention might be in order, he gives some advice: “Do what I am usually doing – I advise you absolutely, go a couple blocks up to Barnes & Noble, take the books, sit down, order a coffee and put the coffee on the book, read the book there, and then when you decide, come here and buy the book.”