Lou Reed Does Sushi on Avenue A, Streams Online

Screen shot 2011-10-20 at 7.16.45 PMScott LynchLou is everywhere!

Onetime East Village resident Lou Reed’s hotly anticipated collaboration with Metallica, “Lulu,” is now streaming at a Web address we thought we’d never see the likes of – loureedmetallica.com. The album will be released abroad on Halloween (and in the States the next day), but if you think Mr. Reed is off doing the European promotional circuit, rest assured the man who sang about “the boys from Avenue B and the girls from Avenue D” in the song “Halloween Parade” is keeping it real right here in Alphabet City. Here’s a reader’s breathless account of a run-in at Takahachi earlier this week.

I got to Takahachi a little after 9 p.m. on Wednesday and went in to check on our table. When I went back outside to wait on the sidewalk, my friend told me, “Oh, Lou Reed’s table is getting up.” Sure enough, there he was, behind the first row of window tables. He was dressed really casually – jeans, t-shirt, and dark jacket; no shades – and was with a bunch of old hippies, keeping it real. When he got on the street, everyone was gawking but no one was making a scene. There was a skinny girl who said, “You’re Lou Reed!” He was really nice and gracious – he made polite conversation with her for a minute and then headed down Avenue A. I started kicking myself that I didn’t say, “hello.”

Mr. Reed, for the record, has also been spotted at Pulino’s, and frequented Una Pizza Napoletana when they were open.