Posts published in March, 2011

Street Scenes | Jagged Edge

The photography of Tim Schreier.

The Day | On Baseball and Bars

A roundup of news articles and blogposts related to the East Village.

Street Scenes | Schwinn Racer

The photography of Shawn Hoke.

HBO’s Fantasy Truck

The “Game of Thrones” truck, promoting the HBO series launching April 17 came to the East Village last night to dole out food prepared by “Top Chef” judge Tom Colicchio. Our camera was there.

Write the Neighborhood

The Local is always looking for writers to join the party. Most of the articles we publish are around 500 to 600 words, but we are also on the lookout for brief, focused telegrams from the street. You don’t need to be a professional journalist. We’ll provide help in getting your copy into shape if you need it. Interested?

Tribes of New York

Plans to pedestrianize Astor Place and expand Cooper Square Park, which were presented to Community Boards 2 and 3 on January 6th, are moving toward approval from the city’s Public Design Commission. Perhaps the most interesting community petition made thus far is that an old Native American trail, which ran through the area, be memorialized in the new design. The Local thought that this might be the perfect time to look at the oft-forgotten historical presence of Native Americans in the East Village.

The Day | Bordellos and Bakeries

Gloria Chung Good morning, East Village. Welcome to a weather-deceptive Wednesday; it’s clear for now, but two days of rain might start tonight. If you’re out late and head indoors to buy an umbrella, you might run into some recently-displaced East Village ATMs. We reported several weeks ago on a new law forcing ATMs off […]

Street Scenes | Washington Square

The photography of Rachel Citron.

East Village Tweets

Would-be messages from the East Village, in 140 characters or less.

The Kid with the Silver Gun

It all came rushing back to me: a spring day, 1981. This guy had just sold me a pack of Camels when an audacious young voice arose from my side: “Hey mister, you got any money?”

I looked down to see this boy, not quite thirteen years old, with a face so angelic it belonged on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. “Well, not today,” I told him, “Sorry.”

The boy smirked. “No problem. I got money. Wanna see?” He then pulled from his pocket a whopping stack of fifties. He fanned them in my face so I could glory in his wealth. I had heard that drug dealers were making mules out of kids, but not until now did I make the connection.

The Day | Gators in Union Square?

Clint McMahon Good morning, East Village. Today in potential changes of ownership for Village property, EV Grieve worries about the fate of the experimental theater Under St. Marks, in the basement of the building at 94 St. Mark’s now up for sale. And in similar but somewhat opposite news, the old Amato Opera house on […]

Street Scenes | The Golden Age

The photography of jdx.

Advocates Hopeful About 35 Cooper

Preservationists are holding out hope that there is still a future for 35 Cooper Square, now that the site’s developer has agreed to meet with neighborhood groups next month.

Your Voices | A Week in Review

A sampling of reader reactions to posts that have appeared on The Local East Village during the past week.

The Day | A Dialogue on 35 Cooper

A roundup of news articles and blogposts related to the East Village, including an item about possible talks on the fate of 35 Cooper Square.

In Remembrance

The photography of Matt Heidelberger.

Scenes from the Ceremonies

Matt Logan, Michael Natale and Tim Schreier, community contributors to The Local East Village, share their images of Friday’s ceremonies marking the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire.

Viewfinder | Panoramas

The photography of Michael Natale.

Ping Pong in the Park

A first-person account of an afternoon spent trying out the new permanent ping-pong table at Tompkins Square Park.

Street Scenes | A Rest

The photography of Tim Schreier.