The Day | On Baseball and Bars

Clean up or you're out!Ben Chislett

Good morning, East Village.

And what a morning it is. Button your coats and pull up your boots; this lovely spring-introduction song is set to launch a second (possibly snowy) verse tonight.

That won’t stop the two baseball fans in the new Fourth Street Fan Cave from starting their season-long journey of watching every single Major League Baseball game. The sport (and their paid observation gig) kicks off tonight.

In updates about the future of 94 St. Marks, EV Grieve notes that the Horse Trade Theater Group is trying to buy the property to keep Under St. Marks operational.

And If the venue stays in business, theater-goers will have more places in the neighborhood to grab a drink after the show: there’s a spate of new bars slated for the East Village.

Maybe your favorite neighborhood joint will be a new one – pending Community Board 3 approval, of course. Appearances are scheduled for April 11, by which point we hope it will have stopped snowing.