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Other Music: What’s That You’re Playing?

In light of this week’s news that Big City Records will close, it seems especially important to appreciate the East Village’s record stores. In the latest installment of What’s That You’re Playing?, Michael Stasiak tells us what’s on the system at Other Music.

A-1 Records: What’s That You’re Playing?

Time for the latest installment of What’s That You’re Playing?, where we ask a clerk at one of the neighborhood’s record stores to tell us what’s spinning. This week, Mike Cobbs of A-1 Records helps a DJ pick out tunes for a five-hour set.

Turntable Lab: What’s That You’re Playing?

Despite the recent bad news, there are still plenty of great record stores in the East Village where you can walk in and get down with some new sounds. That’s why each week we’ll ask the clerks at our favorite shops what they happen to be listening to. Here’s what’s spinning at Turntable Lab.

Rockit Scientist Records Gets Slight Reprieve

Joe BarbosaSuzanne Rozdeba Joe Barbosa.

Rockit Scientist records will close at the end of April, and sidewalk vinyl vendor Joe Barbosa will remain in his normal spot in front of the store until the landlord finds a new tenant.

Mr. Barbosa told The Local that the landlord gave Rockit Scientist Records, which was expected to close at the end of February, an extension on its lease.

“I’m going to hang here until they rent the place out,” said Mr. Barbosa, who has subleased the space in front of the store for several years. He added he was already thinking of a new spot to sell his records. “Hopefully I’ll be able to find something on this block. Haven’t seen anything as of yet, though.”

Hey, there’s always the minivan option