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Let the Ukrainian Festivities Begin!

Ukrainian FestivalDaniel Maurer

If you’re looking for something to do tonight, tomorrow, or Sunday, the 36th Annual Ukrainian Festival, featuring over 100 performers, is now in full swing next to St. George Church on Seventh Street between Second and Third Avenues. Find more info here, and if you take photos, add them to our Flickr group.

Video: Dye-Hards Decorate Easter Eggs at Ukrainian Museum

Ukrainians are known to celebrate Christmas a bit late, so why not nod to Easter early? Tomorrow the Ukrainian Museum concludes its month-long exhibit of pysanka (lavishly decorated eggs) with a colorful demonstration. From 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., artists will use dyes and beeswax to adorn raw eggs, to the accompaniment of a 14-minute documentary about the art of batik. The Local attended a recent workshop and got tips from one such artist, Alexandra Lebed. Warning to those who get hungry easily: Ukrainian Easter food was served. 

Turning Off a Neighbor’s Radio | Part 2

RadiosScott Lynch

The conclusion of Brendan Bernhard’s quest to address one of the banes of New York City apartment living: a neighbor’s noisy radio.

The landing was a long, very narrow rectangle of peeling linoleum, about four feet wide, with a continuation of the staircase in the middle of it leading up to the roof, as well as a window that let in some much-needed sunshine. The radio was coming from my right. Two grim apartment doors faced each other at one end of the corridor, painted that soul-destroying brown so cherished by New York landlords. It was obvious which apartment the radio was in and I started banging on the door right away. No answer. I banged some more. Nothing. So I tried the door opposite, hoping to find a sympathetic neighbor trembling on the brink of a nervous breakdown. Again nothing. Was everyone dead?
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