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The Brief, Mysterious Life of a Phantom Burger Joint

IMG_0461Suzanne Rozdeba A burger from Aaron’s Grill.

Katz’s isn’t the only restaurant that recently started delivering via Seamless: in recent months, Aaron’s Grill began using the online ordering service to deliver organic Bison burgers, salmon burgers, and fried pickles.

Never heard of it, right?

And yet its Seamless listing said it was located right in the East Village, at 92 Third Avenue.

But go to that address, between East 12th and 13th Streets, and you won’t find Aaron’s Grill: you’ll find Blue 9 Burger, the chowhound favorite known for its classic fast-food-style burgers (and certainly not for fancier fare like the wood-fired turkey burgers at Aaron’s Grill).

We got to wondering: did Blue 9 create Aaron’s just so it could top Seamless’s alphabetical list of delivery joints?
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Biscuit Blitz: How Does 7-Eleven’s $1 Biscuit Rank?

Kim Davis was good and thorough during his recent tour of East Village biscuit destinations, but something occurred to us: he overlooked 7-Eleven’s $1 biscuit! We asked our trusted chowhound to swallow his pride and give it a nibble. Here’s how it stacked up against the others.

IMG_4206Lauren Carol Smith

Ninety years ago, the New York columnist O.O. McIntyre was complaining that the Bowery wasn’t what it used to be. He detected “the faint rustle of silk.” What he couldn’t have anticipated was the faint rustle of hungry bargain-hunters unwrapping hot, steamy dollar biscuits, sold at the front counter of a spanking new 7-Eleven.

A review? Well, the biscuit tasted biscuity, thanks no doubt to the “natural butter flavor” listed along with dozens of other ingredients on the wrapper. It was more soggy than dry, its texture contrasting sharply with the springiness of the pale pork patty. “Spices,” the wrapper duly noted, and in fact I found pepper flakes in the sausage, responsible for the warm after-burn in the throat. Read more…