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Moira Johnston, Topless on the Town Again

Screen shot 2012-07-25 at 7.19.05 PMMary Reinholz

Moira Johnston got a few appreciative glances and mumbles from men – including one who scrambled to have his photo taken with her – as she strolled down University Place and made a turn onto East 13th Street earlier today. Had she been hassled much? “Not really,” she replied. “I’m asserting my right to be topless.” The activist was kind enough to pose for a photo, which we’ve pixelated for your (relative) workplace viewing safety. Oo la la, nice handbag! Read more…

The Day | Gun Bust at Union Square and 13 Other Morning Reads

Found kittenSuzanne Rozdeba
Lost dogSuzanne Rozdeba

Good morning, East Village.

Take note, pet owners: the flyer above and another at right went up around the neighborhood recently.

The Post reports that Kenneth Moreno, the former police officer who was acquitted of raping a woman on duty but fired after being found guilty of official misconduct, is thinking about suing the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office for allegedly planting incriminating evidence.

You’ll recall baggies of heroin were found in Mr. Moreno’s locker, and woes at the stationhouse continue: The Post hears from a source that the last of four 9mm pistols stolen from the locker room was swiped after officers were assigned to patrol the room.

Speaking of guns, The Daily News reports that two teens were arrested at the Union Square station when police officers who stopped them for evading the fare found a pair of guns and two bulletproof vests on them. Read more…