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Viewfinder | Model Citizens

In a city where the streets double as runways, Michelle Rick shares her experience capturing local fashionistas.

bitter lemon

“Like any girl with a TV set in New York during the 1970s and 80s, I formed my first impression of “high” fashion watching the Ritz Thrift Shop commercial. It evoked everything glamorous about that time: mother dabbing Givenchy perfume on her wrist, and Bloomingdale’s, which was the height of chic. I return to my comfort zones almost every day to take pictures; a red wall where I know how the light hits at 5 p.m., for example.”
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Street Scenes | In Love

in loveMichelle Rick

Street Scenes | Manhattan Redux

Manhattan reduxMichelle Rick

Street Scenes | Dream Vs. Reality

dream vs realityMichelle Rick

Images of the Howl! Festival

Gloria Chung, Vivienne Gucwa, jdx, Susan Keyloun, Bruce Monroe, Mario Ramirez, Joel Raskin, Michelle Rick, and Tim Schreier — all members of The Local East Village Flickr Group — share their images of the weekend’s Howl! Festival.

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Street Scenes | Sharing

music sharingMichelle Rick

Street Scenes | Lost

Optimo (lost couple)Michelle Rick

Street Scenes | The Game

watching the gameMichelle Rick

Street Scenes | Tagged

taggedMichelle Rick

Viewfinder | Strollin’

Michelle Rick, a community contributor to The Local East Village, turns her lens on New Yorkers in motion.

pretty jaded

“The homeless man in this shot is as oblivious to this woman as she is to him. Is this mutual indifference a function of being a New Yorker? I hope not. Ideally, I’d like to pierce the armor before I take the shot.”
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